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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Apple atau pear menjadi pilihan?

Antara Apple dgn pear, mana yang lebih sedap? Saya suka makan apple berbanding pear. Entahla kenapa tapi sbb senang kot nk beli apple kt pasaraya. Apple lagi murah dan tahan lama berbanding pear.. eh, ye ke? entah la ek...hehe

Biasanya bentuk badan perempuan ada beberapa jenis. Ok, gambar bawah ni menunjukkan apple shape dgn pear shape. Kalau apple shape, dia mcm straight sket bentuk dia, macam xde pinggang. Maksudnya punggung dia tak menonjol sgt berbanding orang yang pear shape. Kalau pear shape ni, pinggang dia kecik dan punggung dia akan menonjol dan bahagian atas dia kecik/normal. Cuma bahagian peha dan punggung agak besar.

Kalau nak berpakaian, kita mesti tgok betul2 bentuk tubuh kita sesuai ke tak dgn pakaian tertentu yang kita nk beli tu. Maksudnya kalau kita tgok org lain pakai cantik terletak kt badan dia, tak bermakna kalau kita sarung pun akan cantik terletak jugak kt badan kita. Sebab badan kita tak sama kan...

So, saya nak bincangkan (padahal copy paste sajo dari encik google lah, mana lagi kan...) mengenai etika berpakaian untuk org yang pear shape.

Dressing for success sounds like it should be easy, but depending on your body type, it sometimes is tough to walk into a store and pick out the perfect pieces. Pear Shaped figures are smaller above the waist and larger below. The key for pear shaped figures is to draw attention to the upper half of the body in order to divert attention from the hips and thighs; the result is a seemingly more balanced body. The trouble with doing this is that with so many different options to choose from in stores and on the Web, how can you tell which styles will look best? Read on, pear shaped ladies -- we have scoured fashion materials in order to narrow down the vast number of choices to 5 wardrobe essentials that will make you look and feel great!

Boot-leg pants
bootcut pants are a dream for pear shaped women. The cut is flattering because it widens below the knee and slightly flares at the bottom. This cut definitely results in an appearance of slimmer thighs and hips. Be sure to purchase the pants in a style that ends before the waist begins – a low rise or extra low rise minimizes the appearance of large hips with a small waist and gives you a more balanced appearance. Wear bootcut pants in dark colors and with a slight heel for a look that elongates your silhouette even more.

A-line or flared skirts
the ageless femininity of a-line or flared skirts are just one reason you should stock your closet with these gems. Pear shaped women will find the skirts to be comfortable and flattering. Make sure the skirt fits well at the top and flares out as it goes down – the result is a minimizing look for the hips and a beautiful and confident you!

Horizontal necklines or striped tops and sweaters
The goal here is to make the top half of the body look more equal to the lower half. Not only are stripes in style these days, but they also are in demand by pear shaped women who aim to minimize the look of their bottom halves. Colorful striped sweaters and boat-neck shaped necklines attract attention to the top half of the body and away from the hips. Pair these tops with dark colored bootcut trousers for an extra-flattering look.

Jackets and tops that hit at the hipbones
While it may seem crazy not to wear longer jackets and tops that will cover the hips, this truly is the way to go. Longer pieces will hug the hips, making them look even larger. Shorter pieces will cut at the waist and make the lower half of the body look larger than it really is. Jackets and tops that hit at the hipbones are most flattering for pear shapes because they visually divide the body lower than the waist and, thus, make the body look more balanced because the hips are minimized. When paired with a dark, well-fitting a-line skirt, this look cannot be beat.

Detailed, colorful tops and simple, dark colored bottoms
It sounds easy enough, but how often can you think of times that you purchased the cute, patterned pants with simple, dark tops? Since we are trying to create an illusion of balance, it is necessary to draw attention from the bottom half of the body and, instead, divert it to the top half. Details such as beading or an intricate neckline on a colorful top draw people’s attention to your top half. Colorful, busy patterns and interesting, even satiny, materials can help focus attention on your top half, in effect minimizing the appearance of larger hips and thigh. When attention-grabbing tops are paired with simple, dark colored pants or skirts, the look is not only fashionable, but also flattering—and what woman wouldn’t want that?

Mixing and matching the 5 fashion essentials listed above will help any pear shaped woman feel fashionable and confident in most any situation. Now that you are armed with the proper knowledge, it is time to clean out the closet of pieces that are not flattering on your body type, then get ready to hit the stores with the main goal of finding fashionable pieces that make you look your best. Happy shopping!

Nanti senang2 saya buat entry untuk apple shape pulak. Semoga boleh dijadikan panduan bersama ;)

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