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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Throttle Body

Risau sgt dgn keadaan kereta sekarang ni.. mcm2 plak jadi. Tetiba mati tgh jalan, mati masa tgh corner... elok2 je drive masa enjin dah panas, tetiba boleh mati? nasib baik la kereta blakang tak laju dan sempat I tekan break bg isyarat yg i sdg berhenti. kalau silap2 haribulan org blakang tak sedar kereta i tgh mati enjin, laju je dia g langgar..huhu Nauzubillah..

Sempat baca2 pasal throttle body

How A Throttle Body Works

An engine runs primarily on air (about 15 parts by weight, to one of fuel), and the throttle body in a modern fuel-injected engine is the device that controls the airflow through its round opening. When the intake valve for a particular cylinder is open, the air flows through the throttle body, which is mounted on the intake manifold. The airflow continues into the intake manifold, through a chamber, and then through the open intake valve into the cylinder. At the same time the fuel injector sprays in fuel, the inrushing air and fuel mix, the intake valve closes and a spark from the plug ignites the mixture. The intake airflow control is provided by the throttle plate, a pivoting plate on a spring-loaded shaft that goes through the center of the throttle body's round opening. The throttle plate is a type of air valve, often called a "butterfly". When your foot is off the gas pedal, the throttle plate springs closed, and only a minimum amount of air, enough for engine idle, goes through a bypass around the throttle plate. One end of the throttle plate shaft also holds the movable contact arm of the throttle position sensor, a variable resistor-type sensor that tells the engine computer whether the vehicle is idling, accelerating or holding a throttle position. On many new engines, the gas pedal is just a variable resistor, sending a signal to the engine computer. The computer controls the throttle plate to produce the desired opening. This is called "drive by wire."

Cleaning a Throttle Bodies

You slip behind the wheel for the morning commute. The engine starts easily, runs fine while fast-idling down the driveway and down the street for a few miles, but then stalls. You know instantly when the stall occurs because the air horn in the tractor-trailer rig immediately behind you curdles the fluid in your inner ear's semicircular canals when forward motion fails to proceed at an orderly pace. You restart, your car accelerates with a slight stumble, and when you coast to a stop at a traffic light, it stalls again. The stumble and possible stall problem doesn't go away when the engine is warm, so the common cold-engine poor-running possibilities are scratched from your priority checklist. This is more than annoying and as soon as the weekend arrives, the hood goes up.

The Intake Snake is one way to safely clean throttle blades and throttle body castings of deposits.

tapi betul ke masalah kereta i tu masalah throttle body??

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