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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Keje untuk esok

Esok aku cuti sebab nk buat group discussion untuk projek kitorang yang satu ape pon blom buat lagi.. harap2 esok dapat siapkan at least 50%... semua ada 3 paper nk kena prepare, utk 2 subjek. mana la ada masa kalau tak ambik korban la masa cuti utk buat discussion...

Untuk subjek Public Service Management & Quality, abstract yg kitorang buat adalah;
Measuring Perception on the On-Line Service Tax Licensing System

Service tax was initially charged and levied on prescribed goods sold or provided either by or in any prescribed establishment and on prescribed services provided by or in prescribed professional establishment. Over the years, there was an increase in the list of prescribed services and establishment. In 1999, the Service Tax Act 1975 was amended and as provided under section 3 of the Act, service tax is charged and levied on the provision of taxable service by any taxable person. A taxable person is defined as any person who is prescribed under the Act to be a taxable person and taxable services means any service which is prescribed to be a taxable service. Examples of taxable person and taxable services are hotels having more than 25 rooms, restaurants located in hotel having 25 rooms or less with an annual sales turnover of taxable services exceeding RM300,000, private clubs an annual sales turnover of taxable services exceeding RM300,000, private hospitals with an annual sales turnover of taxable services exceeding RM300,000, Any person providing communication services registered under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, an Advocate/Solicitor registered under the relevant laws, a Professional Engineer, an Architect, a Licensed or Registered Surveyors and any person who provides consultancy services. The on-line service tax license application has been introduced to facilitate application of service tax license, in which it is available 24 hours everyday and can be accessed anywhere as long as there is internet access. However, the awareness level and the efficiency of the system have yet to be measured by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD). This study measures client’s satisfaction on the usage of the on-line service tax license application as well as to assess the processing officer’s perception on the performance of the on-line system. The finding of this study would enable RMCD to decide on the need for promotional activities or enhancement of the on-line system.

Service Tax Act 1975, Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD), on-line Service Tax Licensing, client’s satisfaction

317 words

actually utk subjek ni, satu lagi paper nk kena buat secara kreatif.. ermmm tu pon blom pikir pon tajuk apa nk buat..hihihi

Dan satu lagi untuk subjek Human Capital Management, ada satu ppaer yg blom buat ape2 lagi..hihihih
Tajuk yg dipilih: Organizational learning and knowledge as a source of sustainable advantage in public service

Nk kena buat esok.... huhu byaknya @_@

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