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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Master of Business Administration - MBA

How could I benefit with an MBA?

I am thinking of it and its still pending until now ~~~.

There are 2 option :

1. Study MBA in Malaysia, intake next year 2010. The course is 2 years. I can do anything here in Malaysia such as work and apply for government position. Indeed, I really want to work as government officer. I am really tired waiting and take exam every year but nothing... blom ada rezeki kot...

2. Study MBA in Japan. Quite tough but interesting to stay in Japan for 2 years.
Meiji will keep my position and I can come back and continue working with Meiji. Or I could get a better job in Japan.
But this option only if blom kawin :)) Kalau dah kawin, just forget about it ne!!!
But I really have no idea about kawin yet. Daripada sakit kepala, baik tak payah pikir pasal kawin and stay kt Jepun..... ermmm is it a good idea?

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