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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Research Proposal

Apa nk buat pasal research ni eh? ermmm actually blom dapat something yg betul2 clear lagi dlm fikiran ttg apa topic nk buat....

but td terlintas mengenai 'ranking universities'. Aku mcm tertarik dgn ranking ni sejak meeting dgn QS Apple last month. Diorang la yg buat ranking2 ni... so far aku kurang jelas dgn tujuan ranking utk university. Bagi aku semua tu business bagi diorang. Ya la dah diorang yg buat system ni, so semua universiti nk kan ranking, so they must pay some money and follow their requirements to list up as ranking universities.

Then, apa yg universiti dpt? just ranking? how ranking effects them? do the students really care about the universities ranking? I don't think so as for Malaysia universities, there are a few category universities regards to their speciality. It doesn't mean that the top ranking is the best in everything. But they might be good in a few points but not all.

How does the universities officer and staff look at the ranking? What they do? Do they really care about ranking or just.........

> to be continue

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