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Monday, May 18, 2009

marriage oh marriage

why lelaki akan berubah bila lepas kawin? romantik jd tak romantik, manja jd kasar, sblom kawin layan elok2 lpas kawin buat wife mcm org gaji jer....mungkin sbb dulu dia blom jd hak mutlak lagi kot.. yer ke ekk...

Pastu perempuan plak bila dah jd wife tuh dah tak pandai dah jaga badan dan macam dah kurang memberi tumpuan aspek2 kecantikan di mata husband sendiri... lebih2kan bila nak g keje je... Mana la husband tak bosan kalau mcm tu ek... ye ke?? some group of lelaki ni dia cepat bosan... ni drp apa yg I baca la... lelaki bosan bila wife dia dah x cantik pd pandangan dia... ada yg lebih cantik di depan mata dia...dia mula membandingkan ....
Tapi lain plak perempuan.. dia (mostly) akan setia pada husband dia
dan dia dah takkan pikir nk tackle2 org kt luar...mungkin sbb dia xde kuasa nk kawin lebih drp satu...

No, I'm not prejudise to this group (husband) but almost the problem that I heard is come from husband...huh! But some cases is also come from wife...

One more things is nowdays, I ada baca yg case husband org dgn wife org yg ada bkn calang2 org nih... semua yg berpangkat besar kt jabatan mana2... (ada org gomen yg terlibat..huhu jgn tak percaya).....mmg betul berlaku benda ni...and dah byak pon :(

I like to read and doing research of this kind of people. But now I am interest to know the marriage problem. It is interesting to study. I learn and doing research (by my own) and keep asking why, why and why. Sometimes I'm asking my friend to ensure that it is reality or just fantasy. But from a few forums, it is really happened. They are facing the problem and asking for help and advices from forumers. Ohhh...its pity of them..

First stage of marriage is critical stage to maintain. Its mean for the first 5 years... Really? emmmmm yes both either husband or wife need to concern about this. If they can settle up any problem in this stage, they might be success in the next stage. So

This is one of the point why I'm not to get married yet. I'm not afraid but I am curious of marriage problem. I want to marry with the right one only once in my life. Maybe I feel fear of my childhood life. I don't want my children facing the same experience that I have gone through. It was really worst.

Now I'm reading 'Menjalin Hubungan Bahagia' by Dato' Dr. Fadzilah Kamsah.... It is really interesting to know about it. What I learn from this book (even after only a few pages read) is communication in relationship is very important. We need to communicate with each other to make sure that both side understand their needs and respect to each other. be continue........

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