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Saturday, January 31, 2009

I have no idea...

I have no idea what to do today...??? actually, I have no plan. It is very bored!!!!!!!!
I am woke up at 9:30am and tried to find something to do but when i called office, there are no body there. So i cant go to the office because it supposed to be locked and of course i cannot entered my room. So what should i do?
It is raining now, ASTRO services was very bad at this time, so its time to post something to my blog. I also read some articles from Che Det blog... pppssssssst! I always be a silent reader :) I like to read others article to get informations. To be honours, i like the way Che Det's thinking and ideas :-) I am proud with him!!!
These are the web that i always search if i online:

I always be a 'silent reader'... i am not pro to somebody or some association! Everybody have their personal point of view about something... so we have right to know and to read, am i right?

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